Dear Class of ’85,

The crisp Fall air brings with it new beginnings for all of us. We trust that this letter finds you well as you find your way through life’s twists and turns, ups and downs, and changes that naturally come with the passage of time.

The Class of ’85 is gathering ideas and momentum early as we start to think about our next Reunion in 2020. Our first step is to reach out to all of our classmates to ask for Class Dues.
Class Dues underwrite many class activities including our annual mailings, class officer training, mini-reunions, webinars, memorials, and seed funding and subsidy of our 5-year class Reunions. Class dues are initially solicited during senior year and again as part of Reunion funding every five years.

To be clear, contribution to the College are separate from Class Dues. Your annual support of Wellesley goes toward the ongoing financial operations of the College, but they do not support class alumnae activities. As part of a wider Alumnae Association effort, each of the classes is now encouraged to solicit Class Dues annually. We want to ensure that we, as a class, have funds available to provide for programming and the unique needs of the Class of 1985.

Each class sets its own dues structure, and our dues are $85 annually or $255 for lifetime dues. Currently we have 102 class lifetime members, and we’d like to double that number by the time of our next Reunion in 2020. All contributions are fully tax-deductible. If you have already paid a class membership and would like to give additionally, you can send in $170 which “tops you up” to the lifetime member status. Also, if you would like to give an additional $100, this will be sent to the Lifetime Class Dues Memorial Fund which will be used by the Class to send donations for memorials when class members pass away. This memorial fund is separate from our Class Dues and is considered an additional donation.

DUES PAYMENT: To make your annual or lifetime dues contribution, please designate your donation type and mail your check to:

Mary Tanner
Wellesley Class of 1985
1438 Old Lystra Rd
Chapel Hill, NC 27517
Wellesley College Class of 1985

If you prefer to pay by credit card you may also pay online at the Wellesley Class of 1985 website under the Support 1985 tab: (Note that the class pays the credit card processing fees which run 3-4% of the donation amount so the class gets maximum benefit from check donations.)