Could this be the year?

Dear Class of '85,
Having shared a glorious fall weekend at the Alumnae Leadership Council (ALC) with our class officers on October 17th and 18th, I am extremely excited and inspired about the coming year. Your new team, assembled in June, returned to ALC with me to help define our goals. We had the incredible benefit of sharing in the learning and insights of the full College Alumnae leadership. Inspired by fellow alumnae and our time together, we asked ourselves…

Could this be the year that we as a class really connect with each other and get to know each other in new ways that are enriching for our lives right now? Could this be the year that we create a sisterhood that binds us and give us support to face unexpected issues that come up in our lives? Can we accomplish this in new and innovative ways?

We thought about the next five years until our 35th reunion and the ways in which we can make a more robust and meaningful community. As we met at ALC it became apparent that our many life experiences, from the wonderful and successful to the painful and complicated, have finally handed us the proverbial “full deck” as a cohort.  Let’s use it.

We want to leverage all of the creative ideas we’ve heard and we identified several exciting possibilities to help us in our mission over the next five years.

As we learned at ALC, mini-reunions have become very popular! Often these are evening or weekend engagements. What if we host virtual class mini-reunions online via Facebook and the new Wellesley Alumnae Internet interface? What about connected IRL mini-reunions on the same night all over the country where we connect via FaceTime, Instagram, Twitter and more. What if we host lunches and webinars with speakers and group volunteer activities? These are just some ideas. What are yours?

We would like to promote more articles in the Wellesley magazine about the amazing women from the Class of '85 and highlight who we are and what we are doing – what new ways are we breaking through to success or bearing through challenge? Who would you like to see profiled?

As Class President I am leading our new team of officers and their committees in these endeavors. I will keep you posted about major news and developments and provide all of the motivation and support that I can. I will be our class cheerleader, embracing all the lies before us, and celebrating all the great friendships that are waiting to be discovered and enjoyed!

Toward our vision, Gwin Wheatley, our Co-Vice President will be putting a class survey together to elicit your ideas and opinions. Kelly Desmond, our other Co-VP will be diving into the Class website and updating it. Mary Tanner, our class treasurer, will be setting up improved, financial tracking. Janet Wheeler, our Class Fund Rep, will be assembling her team of classmates to help with our annual fund campaign.  Trish Hevey will continue to publish our class notes. The next deadline for submission in the magazine is December 1. 

Could this be the year? We will ask ourselves this question every year for the next five years. Yes, it's all possible.

Stay tuned for updates on our Facebook page, webpage, class survey, and all the ideas we have for connecting, all in anticipation of meeting up again at our 35th reunion.


Caroline Wells Stone '85
Class President